James Outpatient Care Garage

The James Outpatient Care Garage offers visitor parking only. It is conveniently located to the south of the new James Outpatient Care facility.

Please help us ensure patients can park to receive treatment or visitors! University faculty, staff and students should refrain from using hourly parking in designated patient garages in the medical center unless they are being treated as a patient or visiting a patient.

Garage Information

James Outpatient Care Garage 2061 Kenny Rd. Columbus, OH 43210

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Clearance: 8'2"


631 Total Spaces ; 55 Accessible Spaces

Other Services: 79 valet spaces

Garage Access

Visitor Access

All Times Access at All Times

Permit Access

No Access Use Alternate Garage

Nearby Points of Interest

The James Outpatient Care Facility, Pelotonia Research Center

Rates and Payment Information

Length of Stay Rate
30 Minutes $2.00
1 Hour $4.25
2 Hours $7.00
3 Hours $9.75
4 Hours $12.50
Daily Max $14.00
Off-Peak Max* $8.50
Lost Ticket $35.00

*Off-Peak Max: 6 p.m. - Midnight Weekdays, All Day Weekends

Rates reset daily at midnight.