Academic Visitor Parking

Academic Visitor Parking

Visiting the Academic Campus?

Welcome to the Ohio State University! We can help you find parking and get to where you need to be.  

We recommend using the SureParc tool to view visitor parking rules by time.

In addition to viewing SureParc, here's a quick summary of the rules:

  • Don't park in spaces marked as Reserved (R), State Vehicle (SV), or Loading Zone (LZ).
  • Visitors may pay to park in spaces designated with the following letters A, B, C, CX, WA, WB, or WC. These letters designate permit parking; however, visitors are welcome to pay to park in any unrestricted permit space.

If you only need to park for a few hours at a time, hourly parking is your best option. Hourly parking rates vary by where you park on campus:

Surface Lots: $2.75/hour

Academic Garages:

Length of Stay Rate
30 Minutes $2.75
1 Hour $5.25
2 Hours $9.00
3 Hours $12.50
4 Hours $16.00
Daily Max $17.25
Off-Peak Max* $10.75
Lost Ticket $44.50

*Off-Peak Max: 6 p.m. - Midnight Weekdays, All Day Weekends

If you need to park for a full day or if you visit the campus regularly, see the "Frequent Visitor" section below.

Garage Parking

If you are parking in a garage, you will receive a white ticket upon entry. We encourage you to keep the ticket with you and complete your payment at one of the pay-on-foot machines prior to returning to your vehicle – this keeps the exit lane moving. Once payment is made, you will receive a paid/validated ticket for use at the exit gate. Pay-on-foot machines accept cash, credit, and validations.

Please note: only credit cards are accepted at the exit gate. Cash is not accepted at the exit. 

Surface Lot Parking

If you are parking in one of the many surface lots across campus, ParkMobile is a convenient option for payment. It is a downloadable app that lets you pay for parking directly from your phone. Create a ParkMobile account at, via the ParkMobile iOS or Android app, or via their automated phone system at 877-727-5009. After setting up an account, follow ParkMobile's prompts to pay for parking. One benefit of ParkMobile is that parking sessions can be extended via the app or online.

Pay-by-Plate machines are located throughout campus. Upon parking, walk to the nearest Pay-by-Plate machine (clearly marked by directional signs). Enter your license plate number and select the form of payment and amount of parking time desired, as indicated by printed instructions on the Pay-by-Plate machine. Since verification of payment is done via license plate, it is important to enter your license plate information correctly. Please note: Machines only accept credit card payments and do not provide refunds.

Single-Space Meters
Single-space parking meters are placed in high-demand areas to facilitate easy short-term parking. Meters are available to anyone and all meters take credit card or coins as payment.

Need help finding where you can park? Take a look at the SureParc tool.

Overnight visitor parking is available seven days a week in designated 24/7 Visitor Garages and all surface lots with hourly payment options (paid parking via ParkMobile, Pay-by-Plate machines, and single-space meters).

Due to limited parking availability on campus, vehicles may not be parked for more than 72 hours in one location/space, unless otherwise posted. If a vehicle needs to be stored on campus for an extended time, the owner should contact CampusParc customer service at 614-688-0000.

If you have a visitor permit, see the visitor permit page for overnight parking rules.

Off-peak refers to the following times on campus when it's not as busy and parking restrictions are relaxed:

Weekdays: 4:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday
Weekends: 4:00 p.m. Friday - 3:00 a.m. Monday
Holidays: 12:01 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. the following day

During these times, additional parking garages become available for visitor use (Ohio Union North, 11th Ave., Neil Ave., & Arps Garage).

Note: In addition to the off-peak access rules, there is an off-peak maximum rate for garage parking. See the "How much does it cost for parking?" section for more information.

If you're a frequent visitor who has purchased a visitor permit, there are some perks for you in terms of off-peak parking. See the visitor permit page for more details.

ADA accessible spaces are available in all garages and most surface lots across campus. Paid hourly parking and the display of a state-issued disability placard are required to use an accessible space.

View the SureParc tool to view where ADA parking is located on campus.

Motorcycles are welcome on campus. Here's what you need to know about getting to and from campus on a motorcycle.

  • Motorcycles are required to park in two-wheel vehicle spaces during peak times (5 a.m. - 4 p.m. on weekdays).
  • Motorcycles are permitted to park in four-wheel spaces during off-peak times (4 p.m. - 3 a.m. weekdays and all day weekends).
  • In addition to surface lot two-wheel vehicle spaces, motorcyclists may park in the following garages with dedicated motorcycle entrances: SafeAuto, Neil Avenue, Ohio Union South, 9th Avenue East, West Lane, and Lane Avenue Garages, and Gateway.
  • Paid hourly parking is required to use motorcycle spaces. Motorcycles are subject to the applicable rates at each parking location.

If you visit Ohio State on a regular basis, see the Motorcycle Permits page for more details on available permits.

CampusParc offers daily and monthly visitor permits. The Permit Comparison Tool will help you decide which permit is right for you.

  • Surface Lot Day Pass
  • Garage Single Exit Vouchers (Available in packs of 10)
  • Central Campus Monthly Surface Lot Permit
  • West Campus Monthly Surface Lot Permit
  • West Campus Monthly Overnight Surface Lot Permit
  • Academic Campus Garages Monthly Permit