Student Payment Plan

Student Payment Plan

Student Payment Plan

We are expanding our Student Payment Plan for the 2020-21 permit year to all annual student permits. We know this year will look different as we learn how to navigate changes due to COVID-19, and we want to offer additional flexibility.

Reminder: Final payment is due January 31.

How do I make my second payment?

In order to offer continued flexibility, we are opening up the second payment for the Student Payment Plan to allow you to purchase any permit within your eligibility category. We want you to be able to purchase a permit that is going to best meet your needs for the second half of the academic year. The permit price will adjust to half of the full year price. Keep in mind you are still welcome to simply purchase the same permit you purchased the first half of the year. 

To make your second payment:

  • Log in to your profile.
  • Expand the "My Parking Code(s) & Vehicles" section.
  • Take note of your permit listed.
  • Navigate to the Permit Comparison Tool.
  • The Permit Comparison Tool will filter to just those permits you are eligible to purchase. (If you are considering downgrading or upgrading your permit, you may want to compare permits at this point.)
  • Select your desired permit for the second six months of the year.
  • You will be taken to a screen that displays two boxes; select the one titled "Student Payment Plan."
  • Select your desired permit and check-out.

How does the payment plan work?

The Student Payment Plan divides the cost of your annual permit into two payments.

  • The first payment is equal to half of the total permit price, and will be due at the time of purchase.
  • The second payment will be for the remaining half of the permit cost, and will be due January 31.


Enrollment has closed for the 2020-21 academic year. Students who have already enrolled will be eligible to make a second payment. 

Changes Throughout the Permit Year

  • The Student Payment Plan is available only at the time of the original permit purchase.
  • Payment plans will only be available until October 26. (Students who have already enrolled will be eligible to make a second payment.)
  • A permit may be exchanged at any time by visiting our Customer Care office, and our team will help you complete the transaction.
  • Changing from a permit that is eligible for a payment plan to one that is not will result in the payment plan ending.

Missed Payments

If a scheduled payment is missed for any reason, CampusParc will attempt to contact the student via automated notice. If your payment for the second six months is not made by January 31, 2021, your permit privileges will be revoked. 

If you are not planning to return for spring semester, you may simply not make the second payment and the permit will be deactivated with no further action required on your part.

For the 2020-21 permit year, we are also waiving our $50 fine for a missed payment.