Violation Policies

Violation Policies

Violation Policies

Maintaining parking compliance is essential in ensuring everyone parks by the same rules and that spaces are available to those who have paid for a parking permit. Below, you will find information regarding our parking violation policies. 

  1. Vehicles with unpaid citations equal to or greater than double the No Paid Parking fine not on appeal are subject to being towed or immobilized and will remain so until all citations are paid in full. 

    • Restricted from Purchasing a Parking Permit 
      Anyone with unpaid parking fines will not be permitted to register a vehicle or purchase a permit of any type until the fines have been paid.
    • Student Holds
      Any student with an unpaid citation older than 30 days is placed on student-hold status. More information about Student Holds can be found here.

The registered holder of the permit is responsible for any and all citations issued to that permit number. Fines will be assessed to the permit holder or the owner of any vehicle on university property in violation of Ohio State Parking Regulations.  If a citation is issued to a vehicle that is not registered with CampusParc, the registered owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for the citation balance.

Below is the complete list of violations.

Violation Name


Accessible Parking Only


Unauthorized Use of a Permit


Impound Release at Parking Facility


Damage of Parking Equipment


Relocation or Impound of Vehicle


Immobilization of Vehicle


Shared Permit Violation


No Paid Parking


Leaving a Parking Facility Without Payment


Disregarding Signs, Markings, or Barricades


Overnight Parking Restricted


License Plate Not Visible - Warning


License Plate Not Visible


Paid Event Parking Required


A total of two failure-to-register violations within the same permit year will result in the issuance of a violation for "excessive failure to register vehicle to permit.”

View the complete list of parking violation definitions.