Departmental Permits

Departmental Permits

Departmental Permits

There are a variety of permits that may be purchased by University departments with the intention of simplifying day-to-day business across campus. 

University departments may purchase the following permits to be used for departmental business. These permits may be used by department employees to gain access to parking areas not included in their standard employee permit.  

  • Departmental A Permit – Provides full access to all staff garages and any A, B, or C nonrestricted surface parking space on Central and West Campus
  • Departmental B Permit – Provides access only to any B or C nonrestricted surface parking space on Central or Remote West Campus

Please note: University policy prohibits a department from paying for an OSU employee’s annual parking permit.

Please reach out via eRequest to purchase a permit.

University departments that operate service vehicles may request the SV keycard which provides access to all garages for vehicles with state plates. These vehicles also are allowed to park in any unrestricted surface parking space or in general state vehicle parking spaces.

Please reach out via eRequest to purchase this permit.

If your department is planning an event with at least 30 guests, we'd like to help ensure there is adequate parking available. Please fill out our Event Notification Form, and we'll make sure our events team is on it!

Trying to simplify your guest's experience on campus? We offer pre-paid parking options to ensure that parking is simple and easy. You can prepay for parking by submitting an eRequest.