The 2021-22 permit year is underway

Aug 3, 2021

The 2021-22 permit year began Sunday, Aug. 1.

If you plan to park on campus, please order a 2021-22 annual, monthly, or daily permit online by clicking "Login" at the top right-hand corner of this page, then clicking "Compare Permits/Buy a Permit." Hourly parking options are also available via the ParkMobile app. 

All 2020-21 permits expired after July 31 and do not auto-renew. 

Keep your keycard

Access keycards valid as early as Aug. 1, 2019 automatically carry over into the 2021-22 permit year for active permit holders. If you held a 2019-20 or 2020-21 annual permit, no need to wait for a new keycard in the mail. If you ordered a 2021-22 permit, simply continue using your existing keycard.

If you do not have a 2019-20 or 2020-21 keycard but are ordering a 2021-22 annual permit, you will receive a keycard by mail.

If you forget your keycard for garage or event parking, we’ve got you covered! Your keycard’s QR code will be available 24/7 via your online profile.

Permit changes

West Campus overnight student parking, which includes the WCO permit, will be relocated from Carmack Lot 5 to the 1121 Kinnear Road Lot. This lot was fully renovated in 2020 and will be serviced by the West Campus (WC) bus, with a bus stop and shelter located inside the lot.

To accommodate patients and visitors of the Ohio State Optometry Services Clinic and Ohio State dental clinics as the university begins to resume normal operations, peak-hour* A (faculty/A&P), A-EP (emergency physician), and E (faculty emeritus) permit access was removed from 11th Avenue Garage as of Monday, Aug. 2. Off-peak access will remain available. Click here for more information.

What do I order? 

More than ever, Ohio State faculty and staff are considering alternatives to the typical annual permit (A and B permits), particularly as the impact of COVID-19 continues to reduce requirements for being on campus. While annual permits provide the best value for those parking on campus more than twice per week, you may want to try our Permit Comparison Tool that allows you to compare all of your options.

If you have additional questions regarding your options, please click here or contact us.

License plate policy

Effective July 1, 2020, Ohio law no longer requires display of a front license plate. As license plates serve as parking permits on Ohio State’s campus, and so we can ensure the parking you paid for is used only by other customers who have a valid permit or hourly parking, CampusParc requires that all vehicles park on campus with their license plate visible from the drive aisle adjacent to the vehicle.

Parking for annual and monthly permit holders continues to be monitored solely via license plate readers. To park a vehicle on campus and avoid a possible citation, your license plate must be linked to your permit. We do not check for any other type of displayed "permit" during normal operations. To manage your license plates, log in to your account, then click "Manage License Plates."