Annual power washing to impact garages beginning April 26

Apr 4, 2023

CampusParc is scheduled to begin its annual power washing of the parking decks, stairwells, and common areas of campus garages on Wednesday, April 26. This deep clean includes the pretreating of all oil spots with a degreasing agent, followed by a high-pressure rinse at 4,000 psi. All water is recovered and disposed of in accordance with Ohio EPA guidelines.

Power washing of garages occurs during late and overnight hours or on weekends to minimize disruption to customers. The size of the garage and the number of spaces dictate the number of days needed to complete the power washing. This work, part of CampusParc’s ongoing maintenance program, will continue through August.

Each garage will be impacted by one or both of the following:

  • Rolling deck closures: The garage will remain open, but select floors will close for nightly cleaning. Cleaning starts at 7 p.m. These floors will reopen at 5 a.m. the following day, and spaces on the subsequent floor(s) will close. This will continue until the cleaning of all affected floors is complete.
  • Full closure: The garage will fully close. On the start date, garage entrances will close at 4 p.m. and all vehicles remaining parked in the garage must exit by 7 p.m. The garage will reopen at 5 a.m. on the end date. 

After the closure, vehicles remaining in these areas are subject to relocation at the owner’s expense.

A tentative schedule for each garage, as well as the type of impact, is as follows:


Start Date

End Date


Alternative Parking Options

Ohio Union South Garage Wednesday, April 26 Saturday, April 29 Rolling Deck Closure

Tuttle Garage

Tuesday, May 9

Friday, May 12

Rolling Deck Closures

Wexner Medical Center Garage

Saturday, May 13

Saturday, May 20

Rolling Deck Closures

Arps Garage

Tuesday, May 30

Thursday, June 1

Rolling Deck Closures

Neil Avenue Garage

Friday, June 2

Monday, June 5

Full Closure

Tuttle Garage

12th Avenue Garage

Northwest Garage

Tuesday, June 6

Thursday, June 8

Rolling Deck Closures

Gateway Garage

Monday, June 12

Friday, June 16

Rolling Deck Closures

Lane Avenue Garage

Thursday, July 6

Monday, July 10

Full Closure

West Lane Avenue Garage

St. John Arena Lot*

Old Cannon Garage

Tuesday, July 11

Wednesday, July 12

Rolling Deck Closure

12th Avenue Garage

Friday, July 14

Monday, July 17

Full Closure

9th Avenue East Garage

9th Avenue West Garage

11th Avenue Garage

Tuesday, July 18

Thursday, July 20

Rolling Deck Closures

9th Avenue West Garage

Friday, July 28

Monday, July 31

Full Closure

9th Avenue East Garage

* Overnight parking available

Please note: Dates are subject to change.