2022-23 parking permit changes

Apr 29, 2022

Please plan ahead for the following faculty and staff parking permit changes for the 2022-23 permit year, which begins Aug. 1, 2022:

Permit* 2022-23 Access/Changes Permit Available To
A 24/7 access added to Old Cannon Garage.**  Faculty/A&P
BG2 24/7 access provided to 9th Avenue East Garage. Peak-hour access to 9th Avenue West Garage will no longer be available.  Staff
BG3 24/7 access provided to 11th Avenue Garage. Peak-hour access to Ohio Union North Garage will no longer be available; see BG7 information below.  Staff
BG6 24/7 access provided to Old Cannon Garage.** Peak-hour access to Wexner Medical Center Garage will no longer be available.  Staff
BG7 This is a new permit with 24/7 access provided to Ohio Union North Garage.  Staff

*The A permit will continue to grant access to A surface lots and BG permits will continue to provide access to B surface lots. 

**Old Cannon Garage, located at the intersection of Old Cannon Drive and Medical Center Drive across from Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital, is scheduled to open Aug. 1 and will add approximately 1,100 permit-only parking spaces for faculty and staff. 

Should additional parking permit changes occur, including those that may impact students, more information will be shared as it becomes available.

Please remember the following key dates for the 2022-23 permit year:

Date Event
Monday, May 2 Faculty/staff upgrade/downgrade program begins
Tuesday, May 31 Faculty/staff upgrade/downgrade program ends
Tuesday, June 21 Faculty/staff permits go on sale
Tuesday, July 5 Student permits go on sale
Monday, Aug. 1 2022-23 permit year begins

Questions? Concerns? Contact Customer Care at 614-688-0000 or osuinfo@campusparc.com. We want to help!