Expanded Central Campus garage access now available

Mar 20, 2020

Update (5/13/20): ​We continue to work closely with the university to monitor the parking situation and make additional changes when possible. As of Monday, May 18, 12th Avenue and South Cannon garages will return to normal operations. For a comprehensive list of parking updates as they occur, please click here.

The previous version of this news story is below.


In response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the university has advised all staff that can do so to work from home. Critical services, including health care, continue to be offered. In support of our medical professionals and their work to combat this pandemic, the university and CampusParc have worked together to configure a majority of garages on campus to grant any annual Ohio State parking permit access to additional garages at no added cost to the customer. These changes went into effect at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 19.

At this time, medical center staff may wish to access the following two garages proximate to the medical center:

  • Neil Avenue Garage (1801 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210)
  • 12th Avenue Garage (340 W 12th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210)

All permit holders, including those with surface lot permits, received a keycard at the beginning of the permit year which can be used to access garages under this new procedure. If you do not have access to your keycard and would like us to provide your keycard’s QR code digitally, please contact us at

Medical center staff that hold a garage parking permit and currently park in Neil Avenue Garage may continue to do so. However, if you are unable to find space upon arrival with this change, there are three alternate garages that continue to be reserved specifically for A and BG permit holders:

  • 11th Avenue Garage (229 W. 11th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210)
  • 9th Avenue East Garage (345 W. 9th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210)
  • 9th Avenue West Garage (355 W. 9th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210)

Customers with monthly or other temporary permits for remote parking may continue to park in any surface lot parking space. At this time, CABS will continue running the MC Express route for any staff choosing to park in the West Campus Carmack Lots. Service updates will be posted at

The following garages will remain reserved for patients and visitors only:

  • SAFEAUTO Garage (1585 Westpark St., Columbus, OH 43210)
  • South Cannon Garage (1640 Cannon Dr., Columbus, OH 43210
  • North Cannon Garage (1640 Cannon Dr., Columbus, OH 43210)
    • NOTE: Emergency Physician and off-peak permit parking will remain available in this garage.

The SpaceTracker app found at will provide availability in all garages to help with finding one that meets your needs. This data can also be found via the official Ohio State app and OneSource. Please follow instructions from traffic control personnel and plan ahead to allow extra time when arriving or departing.

CampusParc and the university appreciate the hard work and dedication of our medical professionals, public safety officials, and all essential staff.