CampusParc EV Charging Station Policy Updates

Apr 3, 2023

As of April 1, 2023, the CampusParc EV Charging Station Policy has been updated, impacting all CampusParc electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across campus. In collaboration with the university, updates have been made to accommodate permit holders’ access to the charging stations based on customer feedback. The parking spaces associated with the charging stations are for active charging only. EV owners are asked to relocate their vehicles after a charging session concludes, allowing access for other customers to charge their vehicles. Charging tracking can be viewed through ChargePoint

EVs that are not plugged in or non-electric vehicles utilizing the parking space will receive an initial warning. All violations after the initial warning will result in a “disregarding signs, markings, and barricades” citation."

Questions or concerns? Contact CampusParc Customer Care at or 614.688.0000. For updates and other parking system news, follow CampusParc on Twitter at @CampusParc.