Announcing the new student CG Permit

Jun 17, 2024

Once a year, CampusParc submits parking system changes to the university for review.  In an effort to consolidate the number of student parking permits with similar offerings and to align permit pricing, Ohio State approved CampusParc’s recommendation to merge the CG, CP and Gateway Student permits into one permit option, the new CG Permit. This new garage permit will be available for the 2024-25 permit year and offers six versions while providing peak and off-peak access to C, WC, CX surface lot spaces.  

The permit variations are listed below: 

  • CG1 permit with access to Tuttle Garage (available to rank 1+ students) 
  • CG3 permit with access to 11th Avenue and Union North Garages (only available to rank 3+ students)  
  • CG4 permit with access to Lane Avenue and West Lane Avenue Garages (available to rank 1+ students) 
  • CG5 permit with access to Arps Garage (available to rank 1+ students) 
  • CG6 permit with access to Gateway Garage (available to rank 1+ students) 
  • CG7 permit with access to Ohio Union North Garage (available to rank 1+ students) 

If you would like to join the waitlist for a CG permit type before permit sales on July 9, we are currently offering early-bird access. Submit your waitlist submission today! 

Do you have any parking-related questions or concerns? Please contact CampusParc Customer Care at 614-688-0000 or We want to help!

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