Account Clean Up

Jun 9, 2024

In preparation for 2024-25 permit sales that begin on June 25 for faculty and staff and July 9 for students, we ask customers to review the information linked to their parking profile. During this review, it is suggested that you remove any plates you may no longer need and verify the license plate(s) connected to your permit. Please note that adding a new plate to your parking account doesn’t automatically link that plate to your permit and can result in unnecessary citations.  

To review your license plate(s):  

  • Please log into your parking profile
  • On the left, click ‘manage license plates,’ which should open a new window  
  • You will see two tabs, ‘registered vehicles’ and ‘permits’   
  • When you select ‘permits,’ click the ‘vehicles’ button  
  • You will see your license plate and vehicle information selected if your vehicle is correctly attached to your permit  
  • Another way to double-check you attached your permit correctly, is by clicking ‘registered vehicles.’ On the left of your vehicle information, there should be a green bar indicating the permit has been attached to your vehicle
  • If you don’t see your vehicle, click ‘registered vehicle’ and ‘add new vehicle’  

As well as verifying license plates, your parking profile defaults to your Ohio State email, so please make sure the email you have on file is one you have access to. Did you know that you can add a secondary email address to your profile? The "add" link is just below your mailing address in the user profile section.   

Note to all medical center employees: if you do not check your Ohio State last name.# email account, we suggest you forward your emails to your OSUMC account or add a secondary email address to stay up to date on parking impacts. 

Keep an eye on your Ohio State email, the CampusParc website, and social media platforms, as we will be sending out reminder updates before PY24-25 permits go on sale. 

Parking questions or concerns? Contact CampusParc Customer Care at 614-688-0000 or We want to help! For parking system updates, follow us on Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook , and our recently launched TikTok