Parking Definitions

Parking Definitions

When parking on campus, a permit or paid hourly parking is required at all times. Please note that all parking rules and regulations are enforced.

West Campus

The West Campus parking boundary is designated as any area west of State Route 315.

  • West Campus permit holders must park in the parking lots located west of State Route 315 during peak periods.
  • The Blankenship Lot is the only exception to this designation.
  • During off-peak periods, West Campus permit holders may park in any unreserved Central Campus surface lot space.

Permit Spaces

Faculty, staff, and student parking are designated as A, B, C, and CX respectively (or WA, WB, WC, or WCO for Remote West Campus).

Unrestricted Spaces

Unrestricted spaces--meaning you can park anywhere a space is available--include Central Campus A, B, C, and CX surface lot spaces, West Campus WA, WB, WC, and WCO surface lot spaces, and unmarked garage spaces.

ADA Accessible Spaces

ADA Accessible spaces require the use of a disability permit or state-issued placard. Paid parking is required at all times.

Van Accessible Spaces: The marked area directly next to the designated accessible parking space is considered to be part of the parking space. Vehicles parked in these marked areas are subject to citation and immobilization.

Hourly Spaces

Hourly spaces are intended for visitors and require payment of the hourly rate. Permits are not valid in these spaces.

Reserved Spaces

Reserved parking spaces on campus are signed with an R parking sign. These spaces are reserved for specific use at all times, and unauthorized vehicles are subject to citation or immobilization.

State Vehicle Spaces

State vehicle spaces are reserved for state-owned vehicles at all times.

Loading Zones

Loading zones are signed with a posted time limit to provide access for individuals who depend on these spaces to make timely deliveries. Loading zones also may be used for the immediate pick-up and drop-off of passengers and provide persons with a disability a place to be picked up or dropped off safely.

All loading zones are enforced at all times and are designated tow-away zones.