Student Payment Plan

Students are eligible to purchase CG and CP permits through use of a payment plan. 


The cost of the annual permit is divided into two payments. In addition, there is an initial $15.00 service charge to enroll in the plan. Customers who elect to enroll in the Student Payment Plan can do so at the CampusParc Customer Service Center. An annual permit application must be completed and signed.

Changes Throughout the Permit Year

A permit may be exchanged at any time by returning the original hangtag and/or keycard and completing a new application. Payment plans are not available after September 30. Changing from a permit that is eligible for a payment plan to one that is not will result in the payment plan ending and a final payment due. The Student Payment Plan is available only at the time of the original permit purchase.

Payment Plan Due Dates

Due dates for Student Payment Plans are as follows:

  • First Payment: Due at time of purchase. Amount due equals 1/2 of the original permit value plus the $15.00 service charge.
  • Second Payment: Due on the first business day of January.

Missed Payments

If a scheduled payment is missed, for any reason, CampusParc will attempt to contact the customer via automated notice. The notice also serves as an invoice for the amount of the missed payment. If after 10 days the customer has not been successfully contacted and/or missed payments have not been received, permit privileges will be revoked, a $50 fine will be added to the missed payment, and full payment of the permit will be due immediately. In addition, the customer will no longer be eligible for the Student Payment Plan in the future.