Event Parking Pre-Sell Dates

During events, CampusParc may pre-sell parking to event attendees and visitors. Event parking is cash only in surface lots. Cash or credit card payment is accepted in garages. A parking attendant will collect payment upon entry into a parking facility.

Below is a list of event parking locations and dates when payment will be due upon entry. Note that the listing is subject to change at any time and may not be all-inclusive, and pre-sell start and end times are approximate. Always remember, unless otherwise posted, paid parking is required at all times while parked on campus.

Additional information about event parking, including rules and regulations, is available on the Event Parking page.

CampusParc Annual Permit Holders · Access Keycard Information

Presentation of an access keycard is required for no-cost entry into surface lots sold at an event rate, regardless of final destination. Annual permit holders unable to present an access keycard will be required to pay the nonrefundable event rate.

Permit holders are encouraged to have their access keycard readily available year-round.

Please note: With the exception of football games and select large events, access keycards do not provide access to garages. However, annual permit holders whose access package normally grants them access to the garage may use their access keycard to enter the garage at no cost. 

Date Lot/Garage Event Name - Location Pre-Sell

Ohio Union South Gar
TBD (Map Available Soon)
TBD (Map Available Soon)
Ohio Union South Garage
Ohio Union South Garage
Moon Taxi – Newport Music Hall 
OSU Invitational – McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Neil Avenue Garage
Ohio Union South Garage

Ohio Union South Garage