Event Parking

During events, CampusParc may pre-sell parking to event attendees and visitors. And because we know just getting to a parking facility can be a challenge sometimes, we want you to have a smooth and seamless parking experience once you do arrive. To that end, we have put together some helpful information about event parking on campus.

Hint: Already familiar with event parking? Just looking for parking information about a specific event? Check out our Event Parking Pre-Sell Dates page. 

Quick Tip!

Event parking is cash only in surface lots. Cash or credit card payment is accepted in garages. Upon arrival to a parking facility, you will be greeted by a parking attendant, who will provide you with an event parking and/or white entry ticket in exchange for payment.

Entering a Parking Garage

A parking garage being pre-sold for an event requires cash or credit card payment to a CampusParc parking attendant upon entry. The attendant will provide an event parking ticket and white entry ticket for cash-paying customers, or just a white entry ticket for card-paying customers, in exchange for payment. The parking rate varies by event.

In order to reduce transaction times during high-volume events, we are unable to offer receipts upon entry for event parking. However, visitors may submit a receipt request to CampusParc customer service at osuinfo@campusparc.com. A photo or scan of your event parking ticket must be included.

Exiting a Parking Garage

Depending on the volume of vehicles exiting the garage, the exit gates will either be raised for the duration of the mass exit or will remain down but raise automatically when a vehicle approaches the exit gates. 

Garage exits will return to normal operation after the mass exit concludes. Any visitors exiting after the gates have been lowered may insert their white entry ticket into the exit machine to exit the garage at no cost up until two hours following the conclusion of the event; thereafter, an additional fee based on the normal garage hourly rate will be applied and due upon exit. 

Surface Lot Parking

Event surface lot parking is payable in cash only. A parking attendant will provide an event parking ticket in exchange for payment. The ticket should be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. 

Event Parking Rules & Reminders

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable event experience, and we understand that parking—before, during, and after the event—is part of the overall experience.  We hope you’ll keep the following in mind, as we work to provide parking in a safe and clean environment.

  1. Parking spaces are for passenger vehicles only.
  2. Vehicles and tailgates must fit within the 8.5’ x 15’ space provided. Additional spaces may not be purchased, reserved, or otherwise used for tailgating.
  3. Islands or grassy areas along the parking space may be used for tailgating. Reasonable consideration for the care of the property is expected.
  4. Drive lanes must be kept clear of pedestrians, tailgates, and any other items to allow clear passage for emergency vehicles.
  5. Saving spaces is not permitted.
  6. Propane grills are permitted in surface lots. Charcoal grills are prohibited. Neither grills nor generators are permitted inside parking garages.
  7. Event parking is available within a reasonable time frame prior to and following an event. Visitors planning on arriving early or staying late should contact CampusParc customer service regarding available parking options.
  8. Visitors seeking ADA accessible parking or accommodations for oversized vehicles should contact CampusParc customer service regarding available parking options.
  9. Vehicles with valid city, county, state, or other government license plates are permitted entry into public surface lots or garages at no cost.
  10. No-cost re-entry is not permitted in parking facilities where payment is required.

CampusParc Permit Holders

  1. Day, multi-day, and monthly visitor permits are not valid for event parking.
  2. Presentation of an access keycard is required for no-cost entry into surface lots sold at an event rate, regardless of final destination.
  3. Access keycards do not grant access to event parking in garages, with few exceptions (see Global Events below). However, annual permit holders whose access package normally grants them access to the garage may use their access keycard to enter the garage at no cost. 
    • Global Events. During campus-wide events (known as global events), such as football or select stadium concerts, access keycards provide access to any day-of-event lot or garage, regardless of permit type. A valid access keycard must be presented for garage entry. 
  4. Surface lots or parking garages reserved for event-specific permits are not available to CampusParc permit holders unless a valid event permit for that facility or event is presented.

Still have questions? Please contact our Customer Service Center at osuinfo@campusparc.com or 614-688-0000.