Vehicle Immobilization

Vehicle Relocation/Impound

Vehicles may be immobilized or impounded for multiple reasons:

  • Illegally parked in a disability space, state vehicle space, or loading zone
  • Represents a traffic or safety hazard
  • Has unpaid citations equal to or greater than one time the Unregistered Vehicle Parked Out of Zone fine not on appeal
  • Displays a counterfeit or altered permit
  • Displays a permit not registered to the individual driving the vehicle

Arranging for Vehicle’s Release

  • FIRST, you must make full payment of all outstanding citations and the towing cost. You CANNOT pay for your citations at the impound lot, and your vehicle will not be released until you have paid.

Click Here to Pay

  • Once you have paid your fines, you MUST PRINT YOUR RECEIPT to show that all fines and fees are paid.
  • Once you have paid, the impound lot where your vehicle is will be shown.
  • Please bring your state-issued photo ID to the impound lot.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express only as payment for vehicle release. Personal and counter checks are not accepted.

Vehicle Removal on Football Saturdays

Parking areas reserved for football parking permit holders are clearly marked as tow-away zones. All vehicles must be removed from these areas by 12:01 a.m. on Saturday. Any vehicles not removed by this time will be towed to the football parking tow lot located at the Southeast corner of Kenny Road and Woody Hayes Drive at the owner’s expense.