Winter Parking Tips

Garage rooftops may close due to inclement weather.

Winter brings with it the occasional need to close garage rooftops due to snow and/or ice accumulation. The amount of precipitation and the outdoor temperature contribute to a decision to close rooftops. They get cold faster and remain cold longer than surface lots or roads due to their exposure to the elements. Our ultimate consideration is for the safety of our customers. We appreciate your understanding and urge drivers to heed garage rooftop closure notices. See the Garage Rooftop Status page for the latest closure information.

Use discretion when parking on a snowy day.

If precipitation on the ground makes it difficult to determine where parking lines are, please use discretion and avoid parking in such a way that would block other vehicles in or prevent clear access in drive lanes.

Pass along problem areas.

If you notice a snowy or icy area that requires attention, please let us know. Areas within surface lots and garages can be passed along to CampusParc via email or Twitter. Feedback regarding other areas on university property, such as roadways or sidewalks, should be directed to Facilities Operations and Development, as these areas fall outside our jurisdiction.

Pothole patrol.

As you are likely aware, frequent freezing and thawing of road and parking lot surfaces often results in potholes. You can help by notifying us of potholes and other weather damage that you encounter in garages or surface lots. Simply email our Customer Service Center or contact us on Twitter @CampusParc (using #pothole) with the location, and we will incorporate it into our repair schedule. (Weather damage to campus roads should be reported to 292-HELP.) See the Routine Care and Maintenance page for additional information.

Parking on campus during holidays: there are still restrictions.

While garage and surface lot availability increases for permit holders after 4 p.m. weekdays, weekends, and university-observed holidays, some restrictions remain. Permit holders without specific permit access should never park in restricted parking spaces, all of which are indicated by signage. This restriction applies at all times, even holiday breaks. Consult the Off-Peak Parking page for additional information.

Check SpaceTracker before you drive to campus.

SpaceTracker provides estimated real-time parking availability in garages and select surface lots and is located on the CampusParc homepage, OSU Mobile App, and OneSource. SpaceTracker cannot take into consideration parking spaces reserved for valet or ADA Accessible parking or by university departments or units, which has varying levels of implication depending on the facility.

Make sure the license plate of the vehicle you park on campus is linked to your current permit.

Driving a rental car? Borrowed a car from a friend? Purchased a new one? Make sure the license plate of the vehicle you park on campus is linked to your permit before you park on campus. You can link your license plate to your permit online.

Let CampusParc help if we can.

Our Customer Service staff is available via email and Twitter to answer questions and help solve problems.