Routine Care & Maintenance

Daily Garage Cleaning Checklist

In elevators

  • Interior dusting
  • Wet mop floors
  • Clean doors and tracks
  • Wipe down ceiling/tiles
  • Spot clean windows
  • Polish stainless steel

At elevator lobbies

  • Sweep
  • Empty waste containers
  • Wipe down waste containers

On stairs

  • Dust rails and light fixtures
  • Sweep stairs and landings
  • Spot clean walls
  • Wipe handrails
  • Clean interior glass

Elsewhere in garages

  • Clean parking equipment and signs
  • Check all floor drains for debris
  • Wipe down fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Sweep

Annual Garage Cleaning

CampusParc power washes all garages annually. The power wash program includes the cleaning of all parking decks, stairwells, and common areas. This deep clean includes the pre-treating of all oil spots with a degreasing agent, followed by a high-pressure rinse of 4000PSI. (Per university agreement, all wastewater is recovered in accordance with Ohio EPA guidelines.)

The size of the garage and number of spaces dictate the number of days that are needed to complete this work. To accommodate all campus garages, cleaning typically begins after Commencement in May and concludes in early August before students return for the start of classes. 

Post-Event Cleaning

After major events like football games, CampusParc is responsible for returning the parking areas to acceptable cleanliness standards. Cleaning crews typically arrive on campus at midnight to remove all trash and sweep lots and garages. For major evening events, the cleaning crews may be scheduled to arrive the following morning. In all instances, the goal is to return campus to standards within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.

Snow Removal

CampusParc is responsible for clearing snow and ice from all parking facilities and surface lots. We monitor weather forecasts and conditions as they develop, and we prepare for and respond to any snowfall in accordance with industry best practices and within commercially reasonable time frames. Snow and ice removal from the Columbus campus is a complex task requiring the cooperation of many areas and departments on campus. We work with the university to help ensure that faculty, staff, students, and visitors arrive and/or navigate the campus in a safe manner. During a snow/ice event, CampusParc staff continually monitors conditions and deploys resources as necessary. 

Per agreement with the university, the Wexner Medical Center (surface and garages) is the first priority for the clearing of snow and ice. Initial clearing is focused on the main medical center, and work continues outward toward the medical center perimeter. Thereafter, other high-value areas are addressed, including transportation/bus areas, residence hall areas, parking lots, and academic garage rooftops. The general pattern is to work from central campus to the campus boundaries. The university event schedule can impact the priority in which parking lots are cleared.

CampusParc is not responsible for snow or ice removal from any area on campus other than parking facilities and surface lots.

Routine Elevator Maintenance

CampusParc follows a preventive maintenance program to ensure that garage elevator equipment runs to maximum efficiency and remains operational. Traction elevators receive preventive maintenance eight times per year, and hydraulic elevators, three. During each of these procedures, elevator technicians examine, lubricate, adjust, and repair or replace components as needed on each of the 28 elevators in parking garages.

Each elevator also receives an annual safety load test. This test is required to ensure the safe operation of all elevators and is required by the State of Ohio to maintain certification. All elevator certificates of operation are maintained in the CampusParc offices.

Parking Lot Repair and Striping

Each spring, CampusParc begins the process of repairing any damage in parking areas resulting from severe winter weather conditions. Pothole repair work begins when the weather allows for the repair product to be applied effectively.

CampusParc also produces an annual striping list that identifies all parking surfaces and/or lines that need to be re-striped during the summer months.  

How Are We Doing?

Suggestions, comments, or concerns related to the care and maintenance of university parking garages and surface lots should be directed to CampusParc Customer Service.