Snow Removal 101

With the arrival of the winter months comes the consistent threat of wintry weather. As the safety of our customers is our top priority, we take snow and ice removal very seriously, and make plans well in advance of each storm to ensure conditions in our facilities are as safe as possible.

What we Treat

CampusParc is responsible for treating parking facilities and any sidewalks or drive lanes within them. Any areas outside our facilities would be the responsibility of another entity to treat. For more information on university or city grounds, please refer to “University or City Property” below.

Preparing and Pre-Treating

Our team keeps a close eye on weather forecasts during the winter months and schedules crews in advance to begin clearing precipitation for each storm.

When possible, crews will pre-treat the surfaces of parking facilities. However, pre-treating is not an effective solution in every circumstance. The effects of pre-treating can be negated by rain washing away product that’s been applied. Additionally, once temperatures fall below a certain threshold, pre-treating product loses its effectiveness.

Snow Removal

In addition to our own crews, we enlist additional help from vendors to expedite the snow removal process. However, because there are 16 garages and 188 surface lots on campus, clearing all campus parking facilities can still take some time. Factors that affect how long it can take to clear campus include (but are not limited to):

  • The timing of the storm. A storm that begins and ends at night is easier to clear than one that takes place during the day. The fewer vehicles there are on campus, the more spaces we can clear of precipitation. A night storm would also allow us to clear as much precipitation as we can before the bulk of vehicles that park on campus do so, which is during the day.
  • The length of the storm. A storm that starts or carries over into peak hours will prevent us from clearing precipitation while vehicles are parked or will park during that time.
  • Conditions and precipitation. Icy precipitation presents more challenges to clear than snow. Significant wind can also blow snow, making it more difficult to clear. Additionally, depending on the weather conditions leading up to the storm, the ability to pre-treat may or may not be an effective option.

While we work diligently to remove precipitation as soon as possible, it may take several hours following the completion of a storm to clear all parking facilities, depending on the volume of precipitation, as well as the factors above. We appreciate your patience during these times.

Garages and Rooftops

Like bridges, garage rooftops freeze more quickly and remain cold longer than pavement at ground level. Consequently, conditions in garages typically deteriorate more rapidly than their surface lot counterparts. Due to accumulating snow and/or ice, one or more garage rooftops may be barricaded and closed to customers. While we understand the inconvenience this may cause, the safety of our customers is our first priority.

More information on garage rooftop closures, as well as the status of all garage rooftops, can be found by clicking here.

Decks below the roof also present challenges. Because sunlight does not enter these decks very well, it is difficult for the sun’s heat to melt snow. Additionally, vehicles may track snow in the garage from off the street.

Parking in the Snow

It is possible that parking lines will be difficult to see for those arriving on campus. Within reason, we generally do note cite vehicles for parking over the line when lines are obstructed by snow. However, please use caution and discretion when parking during these times. Please use available visible cues, such as parking blocks and permit sign posts, to park within designated parking areas and keep drive lanes clear so vehicles may safely pass.

Reporting Problem Areas

We appreciate your patience during wintry weather. Please know we are doing our absolute best to clear all parking areas as soon as we possibly can. If you notice any problem areas within our facilities, please contact us at 614-688-0000 or

University or City Property

Any sidewalks, roadways, or other areas outside of parking facilities that are on university grounds would be treated by the university. If you have feedback regarding these areas, please contact Service2Facilities at 614-292-4357. More information on the university’s winter weather efforts can be found by clicking here.

Similarly, city roadways would be treated by the City of Columbus. Feedback regarding these areas may be directed to 311 at 614-645-3111.