Garage Rooftop Status

Due to accumulating snow and/or ice, one or more garage rooftops may be barricaded and closed to customers. Like bridges, garage rooftops freeze more quickly and remain cold longer than pavement at ground level. Consequently, conditions in garages typically deteriorate more rapidly than their surface lot counterparts. 

The safety of our customers and staff is our first priority. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to remove accumulated snow and re-treat the roofs in an effort to provide a clean and safe place to park. Our staff will continue to monitor parking lots and garages and reopen rooftops as soon as possible. 

Please Note: Disregarding posted signs and parking on closed rooftops creates a safety risk and increases the amount of time needed to clear the area. Vehicles remaining on closed garage rooftops will be subject to citation.

Additional Information on Rooftop Closures

We are mindful of the impact that rooftop closures have on our customers and try to limit the amount of time rooftops are closed. As inclement winter weather approaches, surface lots and garage rooftops are pre-treated as conditions dictate. However, pre-treatment does not guarantee safe parking surfaces. When necessary, rooftops are barricaded and closed to customers to allow for the removal of accumulated snow and/or ice and to re-treat the roofs in an effort to provide a clean and safe place to park.

If inclement winter weather occurs overnight and during early morning hours when temperatures often are at their lowest, the effectiveness of the pre-treatment may be reduced or eliminated. While we do plow with trucks equipped with special blades that will not damage the waterproof membrane surface of the garage, these blades are generally ineffective when ice has accumulated.

We consistently monitor lots and garages during inclement winter weather and do everything we can to provide safe parking conditions for our customers. SpaceTracker, located on our homepage, is updated when rooftops are closed, which can be useful to finding the closest available parking. We appreciate your understanding as we work to provide a safe parking environment through the winter season. 

For detailed information regarding our snow and ice removal procedures, please click here.


Reporting Slippery Conditions

Find an icy spot in a garage or parking lot? Please report it as soon as possible at or call 614.688.0000.

Rooftop Closure Status

Updated: 11:20 a.m., Friday, Feb. 1, 2019
Medical Center  
9th Avenue East Garage     OPEN
9th Avenue West Garage                         OPEN
North Cannon Garage OPEN
South Cannon Garage    OPEN
South Campus  
Ohio Union North Garage
Ohio Union South Garage         OPEN
Gateway Garage   OPEN
11th Avenue Garage      OPEN
Neil Avenue Garage OPEN
Academic Core North  
Tuttle Garage
Northwest Garage OPEN  
Arps Garage    OPEN
Lane Avenue Garage  OPEN
West Lane Avenue Garage                              OPEN