Garage Parking

Visitors and guests to The Ohio State University are required to purchase parking any time they park on campus. All parking on campus is allocated and signed for specific uses, and parking regulations are enforced 24/7. There are two basic options for visitor parking:

Garage Parking: Prevalent in the dense Academic Core and Wexner Medical Center areas
Surface Lot Parking: Typically located in less dense areas along the campus perimeter

CampusParc provides several garage options for visitor parking. Hourly parking rates are posted at the entrance of each pay facility and can also be found on the garage information pages below. All garage fees are due upon exit. Credit cards are accepted.

24-Hour Visitor Garages

Off-Peak Visitor Garages
(4:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. Weekdays, All Day Weekends)


Most visitor garages are equipped with Pay-on-Foot machines. Customers receive a white entry ticket and keep it with them to make payment prior to returning to their vehicle, reducing backups at the exit gate. Once payment is made, customers receive a returned paid/validated ticket for use at the exit gate. Pay-on-Foot machines accept cash, credit, and vouchers.

NOTE: Cash is not accepted at the exit gate.


In garages not equipped with Pay-on-Foot machines, payment is made at the exit gate. Upon arrival at the exit gate, the customer should insert the white entry ticket into the Pay-in-Lane machine and pay the displayed amount due. Pay-in-Lane machines accept cash, credit, and vouchers.  Credit cards are the preferred method of payment to expedite exit.

NOTE: Pay-in-Lane machines give change in coin only.

Visitor Garage Permits

Monthly visitor garage permits are available for purchase for use in keycard-only garages. Additionally, a 10-pack of prepaid parking vouchers may be purchased for use in visitor garages. Permits and parking vouchers are available for purchase at the CampusParc Customer Service Center. Visitor garage passes are not valid in surface lots.


Receipts for paid parking are offered from payment machines at the time of payment.  If a receipt is not printed, customers can email with the time, date, garage location, and amount charged to receive a copy of their receipt via email.