Upgrade/Downgrade Program

Upgrade/Downgrade Program Frequently Asked Questions

Each year in May, prior to the beginning of permit sales for the next permit year, CampusParc provides faculty and staff an opportunity to request an upgrade or downgrade in permit eligibility.

Permit eligibility is determined by the university and is based on employment classification.

Faculty and Administrative & Professional employees normally may purchase or exchange only A-class permits (A, WA, WAE, or CX).

Classified Civil Service Staff normally may purchase or exchange only B-class permits (B, BE, BG, WB, or CX).

Apart from an award in the annual upgrade/downgrade lottery, faculty and staff may not purchase a permit outside of their assigned permit class.

Faculty and Administrative & Professional employees may request a downgrade to a B permit only.

Classified Civil Service Staff may request an upgrade to an A permit only.

Student permits or any other permit types are not eligible for upgrades or downgrades.

Employees wishing to purchase a permit outside of their classification must submit an upgrade or downgrade request every permit year, even if an upgrade or downgrade was awarded in previous years.

Customers do not need to request an upgrade or downgrade to exchange permits that are within their classification, such as exchanging an A permit for a WA permit. To exchange a permit, please visit Customer Care.

Additionally, customers do not need to request an upgrade or downgrade should they wish to purchase any 2019-20 permit within their classification. 

Please note: The deadline to enter the upgrade/downgrade lottery for the 2019-2020 permit year closed on Friday, May 24, 2019.

During the annual upgrade/downgrade lottery only, customers interested in requesting an upgrade or downgrade may do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your parking account.
  2. Click on the "Waitlist" tab (bottom left).
  3. Click on "Add Waitlist."
  4. Click on the drop-down menu to select either:
    1. “2019-20 Upgrade to A Request,” if you are a B-eligible employee wishing to upgrade
    2. “2019-20 Downgrade to B Request,” if you are an A-eligible employee wishing to downgrade
  5. Click on “Add to Waitlist.”

Successful requests can be confirmed immediately by selecting the "Waitlist" tab again on the customer’s account home screen. The waitlist name and request date will be reflected in the panel below the “Waitlist” tab.

Upgrades and downgrades are awarded entirely at random. The number of upgrades and downgrades awarded each year varies, depending on request volume. 

Customers who submit a request will receive an email by May 31, 2019, letting them know whether their request has been approved.

The upgrade/downgrade lottery is the only period each year in which it is possible to request an upgrade or downgrade.

Please note: The ability to request and upgrade or downgrade for the 2019-2020 permit year closed on Friday, May 24, 2019.