Upgrade/Downgrade Program

Permit class is assigned to faculty and staff by the university based on employment classification. Faculty and Administrative & Professional appointments are limited to the A permit class. Classified Civil Service Staff are limited to the B permit class. In an effort to provide flexibility, CampusParc provides a process during the annual permit renewal period to request an upgrade or downgrade in permit eligibility. Customers must request desired upgrades/downgrades on an annual basis.

Please note:

  • Upgrade requests are limited to an A permit only.
  • Downgrade requests are limited to a B permit only.
  • Downgrade requests are awarded at random.  

Customers may join the upgrade/downgrade list during the month of May. The process to join the upgrade/downgrade list is the same as joining a permit waitlist. Customers will be notified via email if their request has been approved. Customers whose requests have been approved will have two weeks from the date of their approval notification to purchase their permit. Any customer who does not purchase the permit during this time will forfeit his or her right to the permit and it will be offered to the next customer on the list.