9th Avenue East Garage

345 West 9th Avenue, Columbus OH 43210


991 Spaces



Garage Access 

Visitor Access

   24/7 Access

CampusParc Keycard Access

24/7 Access
Permit-Specific Access Information

Nearby Points of Interest

Meiling Hall, Graves Hall, OSU Medical Center

Detailed information on Wexner Medical Center parking is available here.


30 Minutes       =  $1.75      
1 Hour       =  $3.25
2 Hours       =  $5.50
3 Hours       =  $7.75
4 Hours       =  $9.75
5+ Hours       =  $11.00
Off-Peak Max       =  $6.50
Lost Ticket Fee         =       $27.25
Off-Peak Max: 6:00 p.m. - Midnight Weekdays, All Day Weekends
Rates Reset Daily at Midnight


This garage is equipped with automated Pay-in-Lane machines. Proceed to an exit gate and insert the entry ticket into the Pay-in-Lane machine. The amount due will be displayed. Insert payment and the gate will rise. Pay-in-Lane machines accept cash, coins, vouchers, debit cards, and credit cards. If a receipt is desired, press the green “RECEIPT” button and one will be provided.

Please note that Pay-in-Lane machines give change in coin only. 

Lost Parking Tickets

If you have lost your parking ticket, press the lost-ticket button on the payment machine.


Receipts for paid parking are offered from the payment machine at the time of payment.  If a receipt is not printed, you can email osuinfo@campusparc.com with the time, date, garage location, and amount charged to receive a copy of your receipt via email.