Pay a Citation

You can pay your citations quickly and easily online by clicking the button below:

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You can also pay by mail or in person.

The registered holder of the permit is responsible for any and all citations issued to that permit number. Fines will be assessed to the permit holder or the owner of any vehicle on university property in violation of OSU parking regulations.  If a citation is issued to a vehicle that is not registered with CampusParc, the registered owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for the citation balance.

Citation Appeals

Consistent enforcement of campus parking policies and regulations helps contribute to an equitable system for all members of the university community. Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may be the basis for an appeal of a parking citation.

To appeal a citation, please read the additional information and follow the link on the Citation Appeal Page.


Unpaid Citations

Permit holders and/or vehicles with unpaid citations equal to or greater than one time the Unregistered Vehicle Parked Out of Zone fine not on appeal are subject to an impound warning, which will not expire until all citations are paid in full. An impound warning allows an additional 48-hour period to pay citations in full.

Restricted From Purchasing A Parking Permit

Anyone with unpaid parking fines will not be permitted to register a vehicle or purchase a permit of any type until the fines have been paid.

Student Holds

Any student with an unpaid citation older than 15 days is placed on student-hold status. This prevents the student from registering for the following semester or from obtaining his/her transcripts, grades, and financial aid. 

If a customer has an administrative hold for unpaid citations and is paying in person or online, one business day is required to remove the hold. If an administrative hold needs to be released, a Customer Service Representative will contact the university during normal business hours.

Citations paid online after 6:00 p.m. will result in the hold being removed the following evening at 9:00 p.m. If the citation is paid online over the weekend, the hold will be removed at 9:00 p.m. Monday.

CampusParc is not responsible for payments lost or delayed in the mail.

Parking Violations

Below is the complete list of violations. 

Violation Name Fine
Unauthorized Parking in ADA Accessible Space $363.75
Unauthorized Use of a Parking Permit $363.75
Impound - Refusal to Obey Officer’s Directions $261.75
Destruction of Automotive Gate Equipment $218.25
Damaged/Stolen Boot $218.25
Impound or Move Vehicle $131.00
Boot/Immobilization of Vehicle $87.25
Shared Permit Violation $72.75
Unregistered Vehicle Parked Out of Zone $72.75
Leaving Garage or Lot Without Paying $72.75
Excessive Failure to Display Permit $72.75
No Valid Permit $72.75
Excessive Failure to Link $72.75
Parking in a “No Parking/Stopping/Standing” Zone $51.00
Parking, Wrong Direction $51.00
Failure to Link/Display Permit, Parked Out Zone $51.00
Failure to Set Brake $51.00
Registered Vehicle Parked Out of Zone $43.75
Parking Disregarding Signs, Markings, or Barricades $43.75
Parking Twelve Inches from Curb $43.75
Overtime Parking, Limited Parking Areas $43.75
Overnight Parking Restricted $43.75
Overtime Load Zone $43.75
Parked in Reserved Area/Space $43.75
Overtime Meter $43.75
Overtime Pay Space $43.75
Permit Not Properly Displayed $29.00
Appeal Base Rate Use Only $29.00
Failure to Link/Display Permits In Zone $8.75


A total of two failure-to-register violations within the same permit year will result in the issuance of a violation for "excessive failure to register vehicle to permit.”