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Extend-by-phone feature now available on pay-by-plate machines

Feb 26, 2020

Need to extend your time at a pay-by-plate parking machine but can’t make it back to the parking lot? CampusParc has implemented a new extend-by-phone feature, which provides a more convenient option for extending sessions and helps avoid citations.

To opt in, enter your phone number in the machine when you start each session. A text message will later be sent to you about 10 minutes before the end of your session approaches.

To add more time, simply reply to the reminder text message with the number of minutes you’d like to add. Your card will be charged and time will be added to your session – no need to go back to the machine in the parking lot!

Please note that in order to utilize the extend-by-phone program, payment with credit or debit card is required upon initial payment at the pay-by-plate machine. A session can only be extended by phone before it expires. A $0.35 transaction fee applies for extend-by-phone payments only. Standard text messaging rates may also apply.

Questions? Concerns? Contact CampusParc Customer Care at or 614.688.0000. For updates and other parking system news, follow CampusParc on Twitter at @CampusParc