LEFE Vehicle Parking

CampusParc is committed to assisting the university in promoting sustainability initiatives. One such program is the Low Emission, Fuel-Efficient (LEFE) parking initiative, where at certain garages 5% of total garage spaces are dedicated as LEFE parking spaces.

Only vehicles on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) list may park in the LEFE vehicle parking spaces. Please note that CampusParc does not have any influence on which cars make the list. Non-LEFE vehicles parked in these specially designated spaces will be issued a citation.

Remember: Valid garage parking permits or hourly garage fees are still required to park in LEFE vehicle parking spaces.

Where are the LEFE vehicle parking spaces located?

  • Lane Avenue Parking Garage (67 spaces, on the first and fourth floors of the garage)
  • Tuttle Park Place Parking Garage (34 spaces, on the first floor)
  • South Campus Gateway Garage (55 spaces, on the first floor)

Where are electric charging stations located?

  • Gateway Garage
  • Lane Avenue Garage
  • 9th Avenue East Garage

For more information on electric charging stations, please consult Transportation and Traffic Management.